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My passion for cooking was cultivated by my French grandmother when I was too small to even see the top of the stove.  In 2006 I decided to leave my corporate life behind and turn that passion into a business.  I started Cooking by the Bay as a dinner delivery service.  In 2009 I added a personal chef service to help people with specific dietary needs.  In doing so I became interested in learning more about the connection between our health and the foods we eat.

That journey led me to the Holistic Culinary Arts program at Bauman College, where I learned so much more about healthy eating and therapeutic cooking.  In 2010 I graduated as a Certified Natural Chef with a strong desire to share the fundamentals of healthy cooking with others.  One night I was hired to teach a hands-on class for 4 couples.  Everyone had such fun and learned so much about simple changes that can make a huge difference in eating and being healthier... and the next stage of Cooking by the Bay was born - hands-on cooking classes that focus on seasonal, organic, whole foods.

It’s the perfect combination – I get to share my passion for cooking and my knowledge of healthy basics with others, all while having a great time.  I hope you’ll join me one day soon….

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