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With my personal chef service, you can enjoy healthy, delicious, healing meals in the comfort of your own home.  I will plan your menu, shop, and prepare customized meals for you based on your personal tastes and dietary needs.


We begin with a complimentary consultation, where we discuss your likes, dislikes, and specific needs. As a certified natural chef, special diets and therapeutic cooking for those suffering from illness or recovering from illness are my specialty.  

Based on the information gathered at our consultation, I will prepare a list of meal options for your consideration and approval.


On your scheduled cook date, I will shop for the freshest seasonal ingredients in the morning . I can prepare your meals in your home or deliver them to your door. All meals will be packaged and labeled with simple heating instructions.  

The cost is $50 per hour plus the cost of groceries.  Cook dates average 3-4 hours depending on how many and what types of meals are prepared. 


Contact to arrange a consultation today. 



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