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" I am here to tell you that there is no cuisine that you cannot master, because Cooking by the Bay is here to be your Thai grandmother, or Indian mom, or healthy foods guru, or whatever suits your fancy... it was so much fun, I almost forgot that we were learning something!" 
Liz, San Francisco

"Jan 2011, went to the doctor and was told again, my blood pressure was terrible.  Later that month took my first cooking class with you and became aware of what good eating is!  Changed my bad eating to fresh and organic, and took another class.  3 months later, went to doctor again, my blood pressure was spot on healthy!!  (He) asked me what I did, told him that I have been taking organic healthy cooking classes, no more processed food, eating organic food and meats.... he said he has never seen a diet change result is such a quick turn around.  Thanks!!!!!!"  Andrea, Corte Madera

"This class was totally worth it.  Suzanne is lively, friendly, and entertaining.  Most importantly she is informative.  She happily answered all of my VERY basic questions.  She explains everything with enthusiasm and you can tell she genuinely enjoys what she is doing.  No boring lectures here!"  Sun, San Rafael

"What a wonderful way to learn about creating amazingly delicious food, I learned more about knife skills, healthy yet affordable cooking, new foods I hadn't tried, what equipment makes things easy, and other tips and tricks than I had in any other class in the past.  I really can't wait to take another class."  Diane, San Rafael

 "What a fun, informative, delicious class this was....Im not a cook at all so I was worried that I would be way out of my league...but not so ...Suzanne is a wonderful teacher for chefs of all levels."
Carol, San Francisco 


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